Quarantine Masks - amidst lockdown orders and the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic I found a silent and slow pace of life that was unusual.

After a few anxious weeks I began to feel the need to create with this empty time and space and naturally I looked outward for inspiration. Initially it was $5 and $10 bundles of grocery store flowers. Something I often walked past became more and more beautiful and a welcome splash of life and color in the studio. Not long after jumping into some flower paintings I began to see face shields marketed by print vendors and my knee jerk reaction was to order some, for protection and experimentation.

As I worked on a side project the first mask, covered with hot wings, was a bi-product of work that I was already doing. Once the initial mask came to life I found great joy in the simple act and studio experimentation began to evolve naturally. Materials that Iโ€™ve kept available in my practice for years naturally found their way into these early masks. View them on instagram here.