NICK is 𝔸 𝓬®έ𝔞Ⓣ!𝕧𝓔 𝕤𝐭Ǘ𝓓𝐢Ⓞ in Long Beach, California.

We are interested in the place where conceptual ideas and play meet realistic application. Our work exists to move audiences towards action, across marketing platforms, within global publications and retailers, and in the modern, digital world as it co-exists with the analog human experience.

NICK was founded by Nick Zegel, a multidisciplinary-designer and artist based in Long Beach, California. His work is anchored by a desire to constantly experiment and invent unique visual languages. A child of the internet, Nick's work and play has seen international exhibition on screen, in print, and on gallery and retail walls from New Jersey to California, Paris to Tokyo.

Art Direction
Graphic Design
Creative Consultancy
Branding & Brand Development
Logo Design
Web & New Media Design
Content Creation
Lifestyle Photography
Commercial Video
Site-specific Installations & Exhibits

Recent Collaborators: Evan BackesJohn Bradford, Jake Darwen, Kyle Camarillo, Already Been Chewed, Autumn Line, Trevor Barton, Nic Juister, Mike Burgoyne, Arts Council for Long Beach, Open Long Beach

Holiday 2023 ︎︎︎ Apply
Past ︎︎︎ Spring ‘21 Steven Gonzalez

New Balance, Jetty, Slowtide, Creature Skateboards, Girl Skateboards, Oakley, Possible Productions, USA Skateboarding, and Arts Council for Long Beach.

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Long Beach, California