In 2016, Girl teamed up with ready-to-wear fashion powerhouse Opening Ceremony to mine Spikeโ€™s photo archives, and release a very special board series featuring 5 favorite images from Spikeโ€™s early-era of work. Girl Art Director Andy Jenkins designed the series, which was launched with a special exhibit at the Agenda tradeshow in Long Beach, California. The exhibit was designed by Nick Zegel and was a highlight of the 2016 tradeshow.

Girl filmmaker & director Aaron Meza connected with Spike Jonze for phone interviews to learn more about each image from the board series. Nick combined the audio from these calls with Spikeโ€™s photographs for a content rich release across Girlโ€™s social platforms.
Spike Jonze is an Oscar winning movie director/writer and co-founder of the Girl Skateboard Company. From a young age, his audaciousness has thrown him into every type of situation and guided his ability for being in the right place, at the right time. This has resulted in an amazing body of work that has become both iconic and influential.


Art Direction & Design: Andy Jenkins
Design & Motion: Nick Zegel
Photography: Nick Zegel
Interview: Aaron Meza